A new adventure has begun! Why don’t we give it a broad general name for now… how about “2021?”

Let’s look down the road to see what’s ahead….. Hmm, mine is shrouded in fog…nope, it’s snow. I can’t see much at all! How about you?

I’m feeling a little wary. I like to see where I’m going! In the winter I’m the one cleaning the snow off my car. Not just the windows. The entire car. Yes, even the roof! While driving I can turn on the defrost—both front and rear windows—without looking at the buttons! If my vision is compromised as I’m driving, due to fog, rain, snow, etc., the defrost and intermittent windshield wipers are turned on. I need to see where I’m going!




However, no matter how much I want to see where I’m going on the road of life, I really don’t have much control over it. The annual family birthdays, anniversaries and gatherings are expected. I’ve marked the little squares of my wall calendar with all the provincial, federal and usual Christian holidays—Easter, Victoria Day, Labour Day, Christmas Day and so on. Visits to family and friends are anticipated. 

Of course, last year I marked up my calendar with all the expected, anticipated and hoped for events as well. I do it every year. Unfortunately, just because they’re written on the calendar doesn’t guarantee they will happen.

But, this “2021” adventure has begun! And it will continue to unfold whether or not my calendar is marked. Regardless of holidays, visits and celebrations. 

I will dream and plan and imagine as I always do. That’s part of the excitement of a new adventure. Isn’t it?




And more importantly, I’ll talk to my best Friend about my dreams and plans and imaginings. I’m sure He’ll chuckle at a few of them. In my mind’s eye I can see Him smile as He nods and winks at me. You see, God knows exactly what’s ahead on the road. His vision is not shrouded by anything. There may be some difficulties ahead, some things I wouldn’t have hoped for. 

The good news is that God will not be surprised by anything waiting ahead on my road—or yours. He will be with us every step of the way to help us navigate and journey through any difficulty, any heartache. Just ask Him! He’s also a Father who loves to surprise us with unexpected blessings! I wonder what He has up His sleeve for us this year!

Hmm, the visibility still isn’t great…but I’m not feeling as wary now. Always good to remember that even though the road is enveloped in fog or snow, we are enveloped in our Heavenly Father’s arms—safe and secure.


Let’s journey together…



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