a summer road trip with mum – part three

“I don’t remember being on this road before.”

Another half-hour drive and we decided to stay away from the major highways and enjoy some of the scenery. When we were kids the purpose of the trip was usually just to get there as quick as possible so we did very little sight-seeing along the way. But, today, we had time.

“You’re right, Mum. But, we decided we’d travel some new roads, see some new scenery. We thought you might like that.”

“But will there be time to visit Aunty Kath?”

“Remember we told you that we were just going to travel to Belleville today and stay in a hotel tonight. We’ll have a leisurely breakfast and then make our way to Napanee in the morning to visit. We’ll be able to stay all day, until her supper time.”

“Oh, alright then.”

A minute later her nose was buried in her book once again.



The car took us over rolling hills and through peaceful valleys. Patchwork fields, wildflowers waving in the breeze and trickling brooks danced across our field of sight. We enjoyed seeing the varied architecture of old houses and new, quaint villages and larger towns. We drove by the Bowmanville Zoo. Earlier we thought we might stop and visit there but the break at the mall convinced us that it would be too difficult for Mum.

“I don’t remember the trip taking this long.” Mum lifted her eyes from her book to the window. “I don’t remember being on this road before.”

A couple of hours later, with the help of “geeps”, my GPS, we found a nice “British pub” and restaurant.

“Where are we?”

“We’ve found an interesting place for supper, Mum, a British pub. They probably have some yummy fish and chips.”



“I’ll just wait in the car. You can bring me a packet of crisps.”

“Mum, you need to have some supper. We’ve found this nice place for you. I bet they make a really good cup of tea.”

“I’ve got part of that sandwich left, just bring me some crisps.”

After some cajoling, arguing and putting our foot down, we helped Mum out of the car and up the stairs to the pub. Karen and I did enjoy a delicious meal of fish and chips. Mum had trifle. Following an arduous climb up, then down, a flight of stairs to use the “facilities” the three of us settled into the car again.

Continuing on minor highways and through a couple more towns we finally reached our destination for the evening.


“Are you sure the home will still let us in? It’s getting a bit late isn’t it?”

“We’re going to a hotel now, Mum.”

“But, I thought we were going to visit Aunty Kath.”

“Tomorrow, Mum. We’re going to have a leisurely breakfast and then spend the day with Aunty Kath tomorrow.”

“Oh. Alright then. How much farther to the hotel? I’m nearly finished my book.”

“Nearly there. We’re in Belleville now.”

Overwhelmed by hot flashes I turned on the air conditioner—full blast.

“Mum, there’s a blanket there if you need it—and a pillow.”


Let’s journey together…



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