I was just thinking about Christmas—you know, fat man, red suit, “ho ho ho”,

          Jingle Bells, Rudolph, elves

Christmas card list, Christmas baking list, Christmas grocery list,

Christmas cleaning to do list, Christmas wish lists.

Christmas shopping, malls, crowds, waiting in line, credit card limit,

              snow, slush, slippery roads, cold, rushing, deadlines.

                         baking, cleaning, wrapping…


How did we get so far away from the true meaning of Christmas? How have we let ourselves become so engrossed in the hustle and bustle of commercialism?

Far from a joyful time of celebration, Christmas has become an unfulfilled dream for many.

Maybe this year we can get through the day without the cousins fighting over who got the best gift from Grandma. Maybe this year the turkey will be nicely browned on the outside and actually cooked all the way through on the inside. Maybe this year Uncle Joe won’t have “one too many” and get obnoxious.

Maybe this year we can sit quietly around the fireplace and gaze into the gently burning fire while sipping our hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music softly playing in the back ground.

Maybe this year it’ll be a Hallmark Christmas.



Unrealistic expectations in lives that are lacking. An unrealistic expectation that one perfect day will fulfill all hopes and dreams as well as the empty spaces in our lives.

Travelling, loved ones coming to visit, parents, grandparents, greenery, gingerbread, red bows, siblings, nephews and nieces, sweet warm smells from the kitchen, grandchildren, games, smiles and laughter.

For many these are unrealistic mosaics of Christmas.

So, what is it all about? Why bother?

Let’s explore this together as we wait for Christmas Day.

Here’s some music while we wait.


Let’s journey together…


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