Only a few more days and it will be Christmas. How are you feeling? Making your lists and checking them… umpteen times? Maybe you’re feeling a bit harried as you think of things that still need to be done.

Are you feeling excited or is a sense of dread looming over you as you anticipate spending time with friends and relatives over the next little while?

Perhaps you’re one of those people who look forward to Christmas all year long. Maybe you leave your Christmas tree up all year!

As our extended family gathers, a sense of nostalgia and sadness will drift around our celebration from time to time. My Dad will be spending the day in Heaven, for the twelfth time. And, my Mum? She will be spending Christmas Day on the secure floor of a nursing home. It’s doubtful she realizes it’s Christmastime, let alone Christmas Day. Maybe sadness colours your Christmas too.

Regardless of how you spend your holiday, or how you feel, the 25th of December will come.

Will you take time to remember that God came down at Christmas many, many years ago? Are you anticipating His coming even now? Are you longing for a time when you can see that babe, now grown, face to face?

Why not take a few minutes and listen to this song? Maybe listen to it twice – watch the beautiful pictures the first time, then close your eyes for the second time.

Close your eyes. Open your heart. Listen with your longing soul…


Let’s journey together…

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