squawking or melodious to your ear?

Today I woke up and dressed to the accompaniment of an unknown bird’s “song.” It was not the happy or beautiful melody of a song bird. It was the repetitive one-note squawk of a bird who we might say is annoying. A noise that gets on your nerves after a while.



But then I remembered God made that bird. And its “song.”

 So, who am I to say that it isn’t a beautiful song? Perhaps the word or words of that song are holy praise. Heartfelt gratitude. Or a song of love from a created one to the loving Creator.

Who are any one of us to judge any “song” from God’s creatures.  



For that matter, who are any one of us to judge any song by any one? Undoubtedly some voices are more pleasant to our ears because of our individual tastes in music. And I think it’s fair to say that some voices grate on us. Some sound out of key to us.

But we are limited. We hear only the sound coming from the voice box and out through the singer’s mouth.

God has no such limitations. He hears the sound mingled with the heart behind the sound. The melody of love. The love of heart, soul, and mind mingling with the voice we are able to hear. 

Hmm, I wonder what the melodious voice sounds like to God when mixed with a disobedient, no-thought-for-God heart, mind and soul? 


If we could hear as God does, would the grating voice with a heart full of love for God sound melodious to our ears? Would the love mingling with the music carry a lovely, beautiful melody into our very souls?


Let’s journey together…



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