Adrianna closed her tired eyes.

Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright.” The carol whished around her. By the end of the second verse the beauty of the music settled on her weary shoulders.

Silent night, holy night, Son of God, love’s pure light.” Tired tears escaped from under her eyelids. It was good to be reminded of God’s love—pure love—love that lit up a life, love that promised peace and joy, love that never broke promises.

Silent night, holy night.” Adrianna slowly stood to her feet. Self-consciously she straightened her threadbare coat.

Wondrous star, lend thy light.” Thankfully a place had been available in the second to last row. She looked around her. The pews were filled with Sunday people in their Sunday best. She wondered if she even belonged here. She studied the faces around her. Drawn faces, tired faces, masked faces. Lips moved. Pages turned. She looked harder. Oh, over there. There was someone with joy and peace on their face. And behind her she heard a sniffle. She turned and looked. There was someone with tears of joy bathing their face.

With the angels, let us sing.” She had snuck in the back door, after the service began, hoping to find the joy and peace that once had been so very real to her. She thought she might be able to find it in this church. But, looking around she realized that if it had been here all the people attending would have remnants of it clinging to them.

Alleluia to our King.” If she couldn’t find it here, where would she find it? Her head hung low. Her heart ached.

Christ the Saviour is born. Christ the Saviour is born.” Startled she looked up. That’s it! How could she have forgotten? Peace and joy were not found in a church. Peace and joy were found in the Saviour. Christ the Saviour is born. He saved us from our sins, from our tired lives, from our tormented souls.

Silent night, holy night.” “Yes, Jesus, it is a holy night. Thank you for bringing me to this place and helping me to remember. Your gift to us is forgiveness. Your promise to us is peace and joy. Regardless of circumstance. Regardless of our station in life. Your love is for all. For each of us.”

The music swirled around Adrianna in a dance of celebration. Her face glowed. Her eyes sparkled. She had discovered anew her riches in Christ.

Let’s journey together…


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